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Lucas Inchfield
the Longinch
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Art by Mike S Miller

  • Lucas Longinch[1]
  • The Longinch[1]
Culture Reach
Born 161171 AC[2]
Died 211 AC[1][4]
the Chequy Water[1]

Lucas Inchfield, known as Lucas Longinch, was a knight from House Inchfield and was the castellan of Coldmoat for Lady Rohanne Webber.[1]

Appearance and Character

Lucas was between forty and fifty years old when he died. He was a big man estimated to be six feet and seven inches, sinewy rather than muscular but standing straight as a lance. Ser Duncan the Tall considered Lucas remarkably ugly, with a broad nose, thick lips, crooked yellow teeth, and protruding eyes.[1]

The Longinch had a cool and proud demeanor, but he was also cruel. He looked down upon hedge knights.[1]

Lucas wore black silk and cloth-of-silver, and his armor was black enameled plate and silvery ringmail. The Longinch's helm was decorated with an onyx spider to represent House Webber, and his shield depicted the arms of House Inchfield. Lucas wielded sword and two-handed poleaxe. His chestnut courser was clad in crinet, chanfron, and a coat of light chain.[1]


Lucas served Wyman Webber, Lord of Coldmoat. The two men laughed after Ser Eustace Osgrey, Knight of Standfast, asked Wyman about betrothing their children, Rohanne Webber and Addam Osgrey. On his deathbed, Wyman tasked Lucas with protecting Rohanne from unworthy suitors. Lucas remained as castellan of Coldmoat after Wyman's passing. Rohanne worried that Lucas would attempt to marry her by force.[1]

When Eustace and Lady Rohanne feuded over the Chequy Water, Ser Lucas informed Eustace about the death of Dake. Lucas was present in the yard at Coldmoat when Ser Duncan the Tall arrived to discuss terms with Rohanne, and the castellan took an immediate dislike to the taller hedge knight. Lucas presented Duncan to Lady Helicent Uffering, letting him believe that it was Rohanne he was talking to and making a fool out of Duncan. He was dismissed by Rohanne and told to find Maester Cerrick.[1]

Lucas commanded the force brought by Rohanne to the Chequy Water to take Ser Bennis by force. He championed House Webber in the trial by combat, expecting that he would marry Rohanne after defeating Duncan. The Longinch was stabbed and drowned in the Chequy Water by the hedge knight in their duel, however.[1]

Quotes by Lucas

Hedge knights are beggars with blades at best, outlaws at worst.[1]

—Lucas to Duncan the Tall

Lucas: You will marry me when this mummer's farce is done. As your lord father wished.
Rohanne: My lord father never knew you as I do.[1]

—Lucas and Rohanne Webber

Quotes about Lucas

Sam Stoops says the castellan at Coldmoat is as big as you are. Lucas Inchfield is his name, but he's called the Longinch for his size.[1]