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Tyrosh.svg Captain-general
Racallio Ryndoon
Racallio Ryndoon by Amuelia.png
Racallio by Amuelia

Alias Queen Racallio[1]
Culture Tyroshi[3]
Spouse Dozen wives

Racallio Ryndoon was a devious Tyroshi captain-general who declared himself King of the Narrow Sea.[2] He is remembered in the Free Cities through two scholarly studies and numerous poems, romances, and songs.[1]

Appearance and Character

Racallio was six-and-a-half feet tall. He had a stooped posture and a gait, however, since one shoulder was higher than the other.[1] He often dyed his hair and beard purple with orange streaks. Racallio enjoyed sweet scents, bathing himself in lavender or rosewater. The man sometimes dressed as a woman and pretended to be a whore.[1]

Racallio was gluttonous and a drunkard. He spoke a dozen dialects of High Valyrian and was notoriously foul-mouthed.[1] Racallio was open-handed, freely giving plunder to his men or coins to beggars.

Fierce in battle, the captain-general was ambidextrous with his swords. He threw bones before battles to decide which god he would sacrifice to in hopes of victory.[1]

Racallio sometimes ordered his dozen wives to beat him. A contradictory person, Racallio loved kittens but not cats, pregnant women but not children.[3]



Racallio's origins are unknown. He hated slavery, suggesting he may have been a slave in his youth. His fondness for purple hair may suggest a Braavosi origin as well.[1]

Dance of the Dragons

In 109 AC during the War for the Stepstones, Prince Daemon Targaryen conquered all but two of the Stepstones and slew Craghas Drahar, a commander for the Kingdom of the Three Daughters. The next year, Racallio led the Triarchy's fresh invasion force against Daemon alongside their new Dornish allies.[3]

Daughters' War

The murder of Sharako Lohar in 131 AC caused the Triarchy to collapse into the Daughters' War, and the Archon of Tyrosh sent Racallio to claim the Stepstones for Tyrosh. After killing the King of the Narrow Sea, Racallio decided to claim the islands for himself, resulting in war between Racallio, Tyrosh, Lys, and Myr.[2] The disruption in trade angered other Free Cities and ports of the Seven Kingdoms, but Ser Tyland Lannister refused to join the alliance of Braavos, Pentos, and Lorath.[2]

The regency of Aegon III included Racallio among the possible husbands of Lady Baela Targaryen.[2]

Racallio and the Oakenfist

In 133 AC Lord Unwin Peake, the Hand of the King to Aegon III, tasked Ser Gedmund Peake, Ned Bean, and Lord Alyn Velaryon with reopening trade in the narrow sea. Racallio had lost most of his ships, but he still held Bloodstone and some smaller isles. Pentoshi sellswords occupied the other Stepstones, and Braavosi ships controlled the waters. Unwin wanted Westeros to have a presence on Bloodstone after Racallio was defeated.[4]

When the Westerosi reached Tarth, they learned that Racallio had agreed to jointly rule the Stepstones with the Archon of Tyrosh and the Sealord of Braavos. While Gedmund waited at Tarth for instructions from his Lord Unwin, Alyn disobeyed orders by leading the Velaryon ships south. Lord Alyn's attack surprised the Braavosi ships while their grand admiral and many captains were feasting with Racallio on Bloodstone, and the victorious Velaryon ships returned to acclaim from the smallfolk in King's Landing. Gedmund's soldiers had been left behind at Tarth, however, and the failure of the Westerosi to conquer the Stepstones left Racallio in a strong position.[4]

Lord Manfryd Mooton negotiated with the Sealord the end of the Braavosi alliance with Tyrosh and Racallio. Desiring to rid himself of Lord Alyn, Unwin tasked the Oakenfist with subduing Lord Dalton Greyjoy and his ironborn. Doing so would mean that Alyn would again have to sail near the dangerous Stepstones, however.[4]

When Alyn sailed Lady Baela to Bloodstone under a parley flag, Racallio kept him at his wooden fortress for more than a fortnight. The mercurious captain-general urged Alyn to aid him against Tyrosh one day, while considering executing the Westerosi the next. One time the two wrestled in a mud pit before hundreds of pirates. Racallio gifted Alyn with the head of a pirate accused of being a Tyroshi spy, but then accused the Oakenfist of himself being a spy the next day. After Alyn slew three Tyroshi prisoners to ostensibly prove his innocence, Racallio decided to reward Alyn by sending two wives to his bedchamber so they could be impregnated with strong sons. It is unknown if Alyn remained faithful to his wife, Baela Targaryen.[1]

Racallio eventually allowed Alyn's fleet to pass the Steptones. The Oakenfist granted the pirate king his three least seaworthy vessels, an alliance on paper, and the promise of a kiss from Baela if Racallio were to ever visit Driftmark.[1]

When Alyn stopped at Sunspear during his return voyage from Lannisport, he learned from Aliandra Martell that Dorne had joined the Daughters' War in opposition to Racallio.[1] The captain eventually fled for the Basilisk Isles in 134 AC. The following year Racallio was included among the suspects who might have hired Faceless Men to assassinate the brothers Lysandro and Drazenko Rogare.[5]

Quotes by Racallio

I want sons as brave and strong as you.[1]

—Racallio to Alyn Velaryon

Quotes about Racallio

...surely one of the most curious and flamboyant rogues in the annals of history...[3]

—writings of Gyldayn

Racallio Ryndoon was mad. Yet his men loved him, fought for him, died for him. And for a few short years, they made him a king.[1]

—writings of Gyldayn


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Last known title holder:
Daemon Targaryen
as King of the Stepstones and the Narrow Sea
7th King of the Narrow Sea
131134 AC