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Jon II
A Game of Thrones chapter
POV Jon Snow
Place Winterfell
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Jon says his last goodbyes, first to the comatose Bran, then to Robb, and finally to Arya, to whom he gives a Braavosi-type sword.


Jon climbs the stairs to Bran's room with Ghost beside him, fearing that it might be the last time. Catelyn is there, having never left Bran's side for close to a fortnight, which has kept Jon away, but now there is no more time. When Jon enters, Catelyn responds with hostility, asking why he is here and demanding he leave. While once this would have sent him crying, now it only makes Jon angry so that when Catelyn threatens to call the guards, he calls her bluff.

Jon finds Bran emaciated and shrunken, and the covers over his legs look wrong. Jon asks Bran not to die and tells him everyone is waiting for him to wake up. Jon remembers how much Bran was looking forward to the journey south while explaining that he is going north to the Wall with Uncle Benjen. Catelyn admits that she was wishing for Bran to stay home with her, and her wish seems to have been granted. When Jon attempts to reassure her, she lashes out at him and, as he is leaving, tells him that it should have been him that fell.

Jon makes the long walk to the yard, where things are in an uproar as the party prepares to leave. Robb brings news that Benjen is looking for Jon. When Robb asks about his mother, Jon tells him she was kind. Robb then remarks that next time they meet, Jon will be all in black, and they hug farewell.

Jon gives Needle to Arya, by Lucas Durham © Fantasy Flight Games

Next, Jon goes to see Arya, who is repacking her things with help from Nymeria, not having folded them well enough for Septa Mordane the first time. Jon says he has a secret present for her. After Arya closes the door and sets Nymeria to guard it, Jon gives her a small sword made specially for her, one like the swords from Braavos. He explains to her that she will have to practise every day, shows her how to hold it, and then gives her her first lesson: stick them with the pointy end. He then warns her not to tell Sansa. Arya runs to him for a last hug. Just before he leaves, Jon tells Arya that all the best swords have a name. When she asks what her sword's name is he explains that it’s her very favorite thing. Then say the name together: "Needle".

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