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Mikken TheMico.jpg
Mikken, by TheMico ©

Allegiance House Stark
Culture Northmen
Died 299 AC
Winterfell, the North
Buried 299 AC
the lichyard, Winterfell[1]

Played by Boyd Rankin
TV series Game of Thrones:
Season 1

Mikken is the blacksmith at Winterfell.[2] In the television adaptation Game of Thrones, he is portrayed by Boyd Rankin.

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Mikken crafts for Jon Snow the sword Needle, which Jon gifts to his half-sister Arya Stark.[3]

While Arya is in King's Landing, her father, Lord Eddard Stark, discovers Needle and recognizes Mikken's maker's mark.[4]

Rickon Stark is upset, and his direwolf Shaggydog bites Mikken, tearing a chunk of flesh from his thigh.[5]

A Clash of Kings

Boyd Rankin as Mikken in the HBO adaptation

In order for Bran Stark to get around his room, Mikken installs metal bars along the walls so Bran can pull himself around.[6]

Jojen Reed foresees the death of Mikken in his green dreams, seeing him drowned when the sea flows over Winterfell's walls, but Mikken laughs it off when Bran tells him.[7]

When Theon Greyjoy captures Winterfell, Mikken angrily refuses to bend the knee, and is beaten by Stygg, an ironborn raider in Theon's service. After Mikken insults Theon and the ironborn, Stygg drives his spear through Mikken's neck.[8]

Theon has a nightmare of eating with the dead at Winterfell, including Mikken.[1]

When Bran and his companions leave Winterfell after its sack, Osha carries the sword from Eddard's tomb, one of the last swords to bear Mikken's mark.[9]

A Dance with Dragons

Theon, who has been captured and tortured by Ramsay Snow, wanders through the destroyed structures of Winterfell, including the ruins of Mikken's forge.[10]

The Winds of Winter

This information has thus far been released in a sample chapter for The Winds of Winter, and might therefore not be in finalized form. Keep in mind that the content as described below is still subject to change.

Theon Greyjoy and Jeyne Poole escape Winterfell, and are discovered by Mors Umber. Crowfood asks Jeyne questions about the castle to confirm her assumed identity of "Arya Stark", such as the names of servants, including the cook and the smith. Jeyne has a little trouble recalling Mikken's name, frustrating Theon, but is soon able to answer these questions to Mors's satisfaction.[11]


The sea, is it? Happens I always wanted to see the sea. Never got where I could go to it, though. So now it's coming to me, is it? The gods are good, to take such trouble for a poor smith.[7]

—Mikken, to Bran Stark

Theon: You all know me—
Mikken: Aye, we know you for a sack of steaming dung![8]

Theon Greyjoy and Mikken

It's blood he drowned on, Bran thought numbly. His own blood.[8]

—thoughts of Bran Stark

They were all dead now. Jory, old Ser Rodrik, Lord Eddard, Harwin and Hullen, Cayn and Desmond and Fat Tom, Alyn with his dreams of knighthood, Mikken who had given him his first real sword. Even Old Nan, like as not.[12]

—thoughts of Theon Greyjoy

Mikken. His name was Mikken. The castle blacksmith had never made any lemoncakes for Sansa, which made him far less important than the castle cook in the sweet little world she had shared with her friend Jeyne Poole. Remember, damn you. Your father was the steward, he had charge of the whole household. The smith's name was Mikken, Mikken, Mikken. I had him put to death before me![11]

—thoughts of Theon Greyjoy