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House Royce.svg Lord
Allard Royce
House Royce.svg
Title Lord of Runestone
Allegiance House Royce
Culture Valemen
Issue Alayne Royce[1]

Allard Royce was the Lord of Runestone and the head of House Royce during the reign of King Aenys I Targaryen.[1]


In 37 AC, at the start of King Aenys I's reign, Jonos Arryn rose up in rebellion against the Targaryens and his own older brother, Lord Ronnel Arryn. He imprisoned Ronnel in the Eyrie and declared himself King of Mountain and Vale. King Aenys's response was confused and vacillating: first ordering his Hand, Lord Alyn Stokeworth, to sail to the Vale to deal with the usurper, but then recalling the order at the last moment, for fear that Harren the Red, a rebel from the riverlands, might infiltrate King's Landing.[2][1]

Taking matter into own hands, Lord Allard Royce of Runestone gathered "twoscore loyal lords" and led them to sweep away Jonos's supporters, penning him at the Eyrie. However, this led Jonos to send his brother flying out of the Moon Door, earning him the nickname Jonos the Kinslayer.[2][1]

Jonos and his garrison remained defiant until Prince Maegor Targaryen flew to the Eyrie atop the dragon Balerion. Rather than face the fire, Jonos was seized by his garrison and delivered to Lord Royce through the Moon Door. Surrender saved Jonos's followers from burning, but not from death. All of them were hanged per the orders of Maegor, who denied the highborn rebels the honor of beheading.[1][2] House Arryn continued through a kinsman after Ronnel and Jonos's deaths, a cousin, Hubert Arryn.[1][3] Given that Hubert Arryn's wife was a Royce of Runestone, who had already produced six half-Royce sons to one day rule the Eyrie after him, the succession was seen as secure (and was not contested by Lord Allard). Allard was rewarded by King Aenys with gold, titles, and honors.[1]


Allard had at least one daughter, Alayne. His relation to the wife of his liege lord, Hubert Arryn, is unknown.

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Last known title holder:
Robar II Royce
as Bronze King
Lord of Runestone Unknown
Next known title holder:
Yorbert Royce