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House Morrigen.svg Ser
Guyard Morrigen
the Green
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Guyard by Tiziano Baracchi © Fantasy Flight Games

Alias Guyard the Green
Title Ser
Culture Stormlander
Born 278283 AC[1]
Crow's Nest[2]
Died 299 AC
King's Landing

Guyard Morrigen, also known as Guyard the Green, is a famous knight from House Morrigen in the stormlands.[3] He is a younger brother of Lester Morrigen, Lord of Crow's Nest.[4]


Ser Guyard fancies himself a singer.[5]

Guyard is a much better swordsman than Ser Jon Fossoway, according to Jon himself.[6]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Ser Guyard is named to the Rainbow Guard, Renly Baratheon's equivalent of the Kingsguard. During the feast at Bitterbridge, Guyard the Green sings and plays the harp.[5]

After the parley between the brothers Renly and Stannis Baratheon during the siege of Storm's End, Guyard asks for command of the vanguard in the imminent battle between the two forces, but he is passed over in favor of Ser Loras Tyrell, the Lord Commander of the Rainbow Guard.[7] When Renly is murdered within his tent before the battle, Guyard is not present.[8]

After Renly's death, Guyard goes over to Stannis. He is present beneath the walls of Storm's End for the parley with Ser Cortnay Penrose. The castellan offers to duel Guyard or Lord Bryce Caron to determine the siege's fate, but Stannis refuses.[6] Guyard opposes Melisandre being Stannis's standard-bearer.[6]

When Stannis's army approaches King's Landing, Guyard is given command of the vanguard.[3] During the Battle of the Blackwater, he is slain by "Renly's ghost" in single combat.[9]

A Storm of Swords

Loras reveals that "Renly's ghost" was actually his brother, Ser Garlan Tyrell, in Renly's armor.[9]

Quotes by Guyard

Jon: Your Grace, I beg the honor.

Guyard: Beg all you like, by rights it should be one of the seven who strikes the first blow.

Randyll: It takes more than a pretty cloak to charge a shield wall. I was leading Mace Tyrell's van when you were still sucking on your mother's teat, Guyard.[7]

Jon Fossoway, Guyard, and Randyll Tarly

Quotes about Guyard

Guyard the Green, yes? Of the Rainbow Guard? Sworn to give his own life for his king's? If I had such a cloak, I would be ashamed to wear it.[6]

Cortnay Penrose to Guyard

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