Lord of Longbow Hall

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Lord of Longbow Hall[1][2][3][4][5] is a title held by the head of House Hunter, the ruler of Longbow Hall in the Vale of Arryn.

The Vale and the location of Longbow Hall
The Vale and the location of Longbow Hall
Longbow Hall
The Vale and the location of Longbow Hall


During the Andal invasion, King Robar II Royce formed an alliance of First Men Houses from the Vale to repel the Andals. He gained the Hunters as allies after he bested Lord Hunter at an archery contest. Robar's forces were defeated in the Battle of the Seven Stars, however, and the Hunters submitted to Artys I Arryn, the new King of Mountain and Vale.[6]

Lord Alec Hunter travelled to King's Landing in 49 AC to assist to the wedding of Lord Rogar Baratheon and Lady Alyssa Velaryon.[7]

Lord Eon Hunter was present at the Tourney at Harrenhal in 281 AC.[8]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Despite his old age, Lord Eon offers himself as Lysa Arryn's champion in Tyrion Lannister's trial by combat.[9]

A Storm of Swords

Lord Eon dies suddenly, and his two younger sons, Eustace and Harlan, accuse the elder brother and new Lord Hunter, Gilwood, of having murdered him.[10]

A Feast for Crows

Lord Gilwood is one of the six Lords Declarant[11] who opposes Petyr Baelish's rule over the Vale as Lord Protector of the Vale during Lord Robert Arryn's minority.[3]

Known Lords of Longbow Hall