Rhoynish Wars

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The Rhoynish Wars were a series of wars fought between the city-states of the Rhoynar and colonies of the Valyrian Freehold. The last of the wars, the Second Spice War, was fought a thousand years ago. In total, the series of conflicts spanned most of two and a half centuries.[1] They are described in Beldecar's History of the Rhoynish Wars.[2]


The expansion of the Valyrians into the western coastal regions of Essos threatened the great city-states of the Rhoyne, a vast river network. Most of the wars were short-lived and local in nature. The wars included the First Turtle War, the War of Three Princes, the Second Turtle War, the Fisherman's War, the Salt War, the Third Turtle War, the War on Dagger Lake, and the Spice War, among many others. The destruction of Sarhoy in the Second Spice War escalated the conflict, however, which resulted in the defeat of the Rhoynish cities and Nymeria leading the survivors in exile from Essos to Westeros aboard ten thousand ships.[1]


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