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Nagga fighting the Grey King, from Game of Thrones Blu-ray

Nagga was a legendary sea dragon from the Age of Heroes. After she was slain by the Grey King, her bones are said to have made up the Grey King's Hall at Nagga's hill on Old Wyk.[1] Nagga's Cradle is the holy bay located between Old Wyk and Great Wyk.[2]


Nagga's Bones on Old Wyk, by Juan Carlos Barquet © Fantasy Flight Games

According to ironborn legend, Nagga was the first sea dragon, able to feed on krakens and leviathans and drown islands when angry. The Grey King, helped by the Drowned God, managed to slay her on the shores of the island Old Wyk and built there his hall out of her bones. Her jaws became his throne and her teeth made his crown. He warmed his hall with her living fire. However, when the Grey King died, the Storm God drowned out her fire and the sea took the throne. Only her bones that made the pillars and beams remain.[1]

Recent Events

A Feast for Crows

Euron Greyjoy is chosen King of the Iron Islands in a kingsmoot on Old Wyk held amongst the sea dragon's bones at Nagga's Hill.[1]


Nagga had been the first sea dragon, the mightiest ever to rise from the waves. She fed on krakens and leviathans and drowned whole islands in her wrath, yet the Grey King had slain her and the Drowned God had changed her bones to stone so that men might never cease to wonder at the courage of the first of kings.[1]

—thoughts of Aeron Greyjoy

Behind the Scenes

The name "Nagga" may derive from the Nāga, a mythological half-serpent race in religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.

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