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Perwyn Frey
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Perwyn Frey, on the right, by sleazyjanet

Title Ser
Allegiance House Frey
Culture Rivermen
Born 269278 AC[1]
Father Walder Frey
Mother Bethany Rosby

Perwyn Frey is a knight from House Frey. He is the fifteenth son of Lord Walder Frey and the first son born in the marriage between Walder and Bethany Rosby.[3]


According to Ser Daven Lannister, Perwyn is a decent man.[4]


Ser Perwyn rode in the tourney on Prince Joffrey's name day in 297 AC.[5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Ser Perwyn attends the Hand's tourney in King's Landing with five other members of House Frey.[6]

During Catelyn Stark's parley with Lord Walder Frey within the Twins, Perwyn is left outside in the company of Robb Stark to ensure his mother's safety.[5]

Five Freys serve in Robb's personal guard during the battle in the Whispering Wood.[7]

A Clash of Kings

Perwyn is a member of the party that escorts Catelyn as she travels to treat with Renly Baratheon at Bitterbridge[8] and Stannis Baratheon at Storm's End.[9] When they return to Riverrun after Renly's death, Perwyn is informed of Robb's victories in the westerlands by his half brother, Martyn Rivers.[10] Perwyn jests when he sees hanged plotters.[10]

A Storm of Swords

While under house arrest for freeing Ser Jaime Lannister, Catelyn watches Perwyn and Martyn, who fought in the Battle of the Fords,[2] unexpectedly leave Riverrun.[11] Catelyn later learns the Freys left because of Robb's marriage to Jeyne Westerling instead of one of Walder's daughters.[11]

Catelyn is surprised that Perwyn is not present at the Twins for the wedding of his sister, Roslin Frey, to Catelyn's brother, Lord Edmure Tully. Lothar Frey explains that Perwyn is away and delayed by the flooding of the Trident.[12] As the Red Wedding begins, Catelyn thinks of the absences of Perwyn, Olyvar, and Alesander Frey, as well as Roslin's crying, as warnings of House Frey's betrayal.[13]

A Feast for Crows

Perwyn is present at the siege of Riverrun, where he tells Ser Daven Lannister that his sister Roslin is in love with Edmure and is praying for a girl. Unlike most of the Freys at the siege, Daven approves of Perwyn.[14]

Quotes by Perwyn

Hallis: They have hanged some Lannisters.

Wendel: A pretty sight.

Perwyn: Our friends have begun without us.[10]

Quotes about Perwyn

Catelyn: Is Ser Perwyn about? He helped escort me to Storm's End and back, when Robb sent me to speak with Lord Renly. I was looking forward to seeing him again.
Lothar: Perwyn is away. I shall give him your regards. I know he will regret having missed you.[12]