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Winterfell's Rookery. © FFG
An Iron Island Rookery. © FFG
Rookery of Sunspear. © FFG

A rookery tends to refer to where ravens are kept by maesters of the Citadel. The maester of each castle in the Seven Kingdoms usually tends to its own flock of ravens. When the master needs to send a message he will fetch a raven, or ravens, from the rookery. The maesters chambers are normally located below a castle's rookery.

Some rookeries

  • Red Keep rookery
  • Winterfell rookery - located above the Maester's Turret.[1]
  • Dragonstone rookery - located in Sea Dragon Tower. The maester's chambers lie in this tower, below the rookery.
  • Castle Black rookery - The Rookery is the nesting place of Castle Black's ravens. The maester's quarters are located in a stout wooden keep beneath it.
  • Griffin's Roost rookery – the maester's tower contains the rookery.
  • Isle of Ravens rookery – located in the Ravenry. There are two separate rookeries, the white ravens in the west tower and the black ravens in the north tower, as the two colors of ravens quarrel.