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Walder Frey
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Alias Black Walder
Allegiance House Frey
Born In or between 260 AC and 280 AC[1]
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (Appears)
A Clash of Kings (Mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (Appears)
A Feast for Crows (Mentioned)

Played by Tim Plester
TV series Season 3
For other characters with the same and similar names, see Walder Frey (disambiguation).

Walder Frey, called Black Walder to differentiate him from others with the same name, is the second son of Ser Ryman Frey, grandson to Ser Stevron Frey, and great-grandson of Lord Walder Frey.


Appearance and Character

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Black Walder is a wiry, stout man with a black beard.[2] He earned his nickname due to his irascible temper and stern attitude, inspiring terror in those around him.


Black Walder is known to be resolute and easy to anger, being feared by many among his own family. Enmity runs deep between Black Walder and Edwyn Frey.[3] He is rumoured to have maintained numerous affairs with several women, including cousins and the wives of his close relations. There is talk that he bedded the wives of his brothers Edwyn and Petyr, his niece Fair Walda and his half-cousin Amerei Frey, among others.

He is also rumoured to have maintained a relationship with Lord Walder's seventh wife Annara Farring. All of those relations may cast doubt over the paternity of many of the newborn Freys, including the young heiress Walda Frey and her cousin Perra, or Lord Walder's six children with Annara. He refuses to marry according to Merrett Frey.[4]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

When explaining the abundance of Walders in the Frey family to Bran, Big Walder mentions Black Walder, referring to him as the fourth in the line of succession. After receiving the news of Ser Stevron Frey's death at Oxcross, Big Walder updates the line of succession, placing Black Walder third.[5] He fights in the Westerlands with Robb Stark.[6]

A Storm of Swords

Black Walder and Smalljon Umber scale the walls in the capture of the Crag. He is among the leaders of the outcry at Robb's wedding to Jeyne Westerling.

Black Walder is one of the Freys that receive the guests at the Twins for the wedding of Edmure Tully and Roslin Frey, where Grey Wind greets them with anger. Robb comments to his mother, Catelyn Tully, that he is surprised that Black Walder behaved like a lamb during the wedding. This changes when the massacre begins; during the slaughter, Catelyn sees Black Walder hamstringing a Vance who had been fighting Ser Harys Haigh.[7] Afterwards, news arrives at King's Landing that Seagard surrendered to Black Walder.[8] Merrett Frey thinks on the ill repute of Black Walder when riding to Oldstones.[4]

A Feast for Crows

After having secured the surrender of Seagard by threatening to kill the captive Patrek Mallister,[9] Black Walder leads the search for the outlaws that hanged Petyr and Merrett. He manages to find out from peasants in Hag's Mire that the slayer is Lady Stoneheart, but he is unable to find her.[10] After Ser Ryman Frey's death, Edwyn confesses to Jaime Lannister that he suspects Black Walder had a hand in their father's death, and is afraid that he will be the next.[3]

Quote about Black Walder

With Ser Stevron, I might have been able to make amends, but Ser Ryman is dull-witted as a stone, and Black Walder ... that one was not named for the colour of his beard, I promise you. He went so far as to say that his sisters would not be loath to wed a widower. I would have killed him for that if Jeyne had not begged me to be merciful.[11]
Robb Stark

My brother had a hand in this, I’ll wager. He allowed the outlaws to escape after they murdered Merrett and Petyr, and this is why. With our father dead, there’s only me left between Black Walder and the Twins.[12]
Edwyn Frey

From what Edwyn tells me, though, I'd best pick on who hasn't flowered yet, or I'm like to find that Black Walder has been there first.[13]
Daven Lannister, on choosing his Frey bride


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