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Alysanne Blackwood
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Alysanne Blackwood by Rae Lavergne.jpg
Black Aly Blackwood, by Rae Lavergne©

Alias Black Aly Blackwood[1]
Title Lady of Winterfell[2]
Culture Rivermen
Born In 113 AC[3]
Died In 136179 AC[3]
Father Lord Blackwood
Spouse Lord Cregan Stark[4]

Lady Alysanne Blackwood, also known as Black Aly, was a member of House Blackwood. She was the aunt of Lord Benjicot Blackwood of Raventree Hall,[N 1] and the second wife of Lord Cregan Stark of Winterfell.

Appearance and Character

Alysanne was tall and thin with long black curls.[5] Although not noted for her beauty,[5] she was regarded as a fierce, fearless woman with a bawdy tongue.[6]

Black Aly was an excellent hunter, horse-breaker, and archer.[5] She is rumored to have been fond of Lady Sabitha Frey.[5]


Alysanne lost her maidenhead while horse-riding at the age of thirteen.[5]

Alysanne was sixteen years old when House Blackwood declared for the blacks, the faction loyal to Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen during the Dance of the Dragons. Although Ser Amos Bracken slew Lord Samwell Blackwood during the Battle of the Burning Mill, Aly is said to have quickly avenged her brother's death by firing a weirwood arrow into the slit of Amos's helm.[7]

Aly shared her tent with Lady Sabitha Frey while on campaign.[5] Alysanne commanded archers of the riverlands during the Battle of the Kingsroad. After her nephew, Lord Benjicot Blackwood, broke the flank of Lord Borros Baratheon's royalist greens, Alysanne's archers slew the royalist knights and unhorsed Borros, who was then slain by Lord Kermit Tully.[8][6] The Lads then advanced on King's Landing.

During the Hour of the Wolf, Lord Cregan Stark of Winterfell briefly served as Hand of the King to the newly-crowned eleven-year-old boy king Aegon III Targaryen and dispensed justice after the poisoning of King Aegon II Targaryen. Alysanne agreed to marry Cregan in exchange for allowing Aegon III's pardon of Lord Corlys Velaryon to stand.[1] According to Mushroom, Aly's actions helped to bring peace after the civil war.[5]

Alysanne married Cregan in the godswood of Winterfell in 132 AC, and young Rickon Stark sang a song for his stepmother during the splendid wedding's feast.[2] Alysanne gave Cregan four daughters, Sarra, Alys, Raya, and Mariah Stark.[4]

Quotes by Alysanne

Cregan: What if I ask you for your maidenhead, my lady?

Alysanne: I cannot give you what I do not have, my lord. I lost my maidenhead in the saddle when I was three-and-ten.
Cregan: Some would say that you squandered on a horse a gift that by rights should have belonged to your future husband.

Alysanne: Some are fools, and she was a good horse, better than most husbands I have seen.[5]

Cregan Stark and Alysanne

Quotes about Alysanne

A lean tall creature was this wench, thin as a whip and flat-chested as a boy, but long of leg and strong of arm, with a mane of thick black curls that tumbled down past her waist when loosed.[5]

—writings of Mushroom

She smells of woodsmoke, not flowers.[5]

Cregan Stark to Lord Cerwyn




  1. Earlier prints of The World of Ice & Fire state that Alysanne is the sister of Lord Benjicot Blackwood (The World of Ice & Fire, The Stormlands: House Baratheon). However, Elio García has confirmed that the statement is in error (A Forum of Ice and Fire: Looking in the MUSH for some World Book content (November 11, 2014)), stating "Aly is Ben's aunt, BTW. Sister is an error in the book, we'll get it corrected.". This error has been subsequently fixed in later editions (Reddit, (Spoilers Main) An Errata of Ice and Fire: list of fixed/confirmed/probable errors (November 8, 2017)).


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