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Crakehall is located in The Westerlands
The westerlands and the location of Crakehall
Location Southwestern westerlands, Westeros
Government House Crakehall, feudal lord
Ruler Lord Roland Crakehall
Religion Faith of the Seven
Named for Crake the Boarkiller

Crakehall, or Crakehall Castle, is the seat of House Crakehall in the southwestern westerlands. It is located on the Searoad[1] along the Sunset Sea, south of Lannisport and north of Old Oak. Cornfield and Red Lake are east of Crakehall. There is a large forest in the vicinity of the castle.[2]


King Aegon I Targaryen visited Crakehall on multiple occasions during his royal progresses.[3]

When the Faith Militant uprising began in 41 AC, Prince Aegon Targaryen and his sister, Princess Rhaena, took shelter at Crakehall. Once Aenys I Targaryen learned that his children were besieged by thousands of Poor Fellows, the king collapsed at Dragonstone and died three days later. Aegon and Rhaena eventually departed for Casterly Rock after most of the Poor Fellows left to join Ser Horys Hill.[4][5]

Rhaena visited Crakehall on her dragon, Dreamfyre, during her search for the missing Aerea Targaryen.[6] King Jaehaerys I Targaryen visited Crakehall with Vermithor in 55 AC[6] and 88 AC.[7]

Lord Alyn Velaryon regrouped his fleet near Crakehall while sailing to confront Lord Dalton Greyjoy in 133 AC.[8]

Prince Oberyn Martell and his sister, Princess Elia, visited Crakehall on their way to Casterly Rock, where their mother attempted to broker their marriages to the Lannister twins, Cersei and Jaime.[9] Merrett Frey and Jaime were both squires at Crakehall.[10]


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