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A sled, or a sledge,[1] is a wheelless vehicle use for the transport of goods. It is pulled by either men or draught animals, such as hounds[2] and aurochs.[3]


The free folk from beyond the Wall use wayns, carts, and sleds to transport their goods.[4] In particular, the men of the Frozen Shore ride sleds and chariots pulled by hounds as big as ponies.[2][5]

Dornishmen use sand sledges to transport goods through the desert.[6]


According to legend, the Wall was raised over time by dragging huge blocks of ice on sledges from frozen lakes deep in the haunted forest.[1][7]

Thousands of rivermen died chained to sledges while working in quarries to produce the material required for the construction of Harrenhal's five colossal towers.[8]

Haggon once traded a dozen strings of amber and a sled piled high with pelts with the Night's Watch for six skins of wine, a block of salt, and a copper kettle.[9]

Recent Events

A Storm of Swords

As the free folk is traveling south towards the Wall, they use aurochs to drag their sledges.[10] The sledges in the center of the wildling host contain the great bulk of the host's provisions and supplies.[11]

During the battle beneath the Wall, Jon Snow wishes the Night's Watch had trebuchets mounted on sledges and turntables so that the Black Brothers can easily move them on top of the Wall.[12]