War of the Wombs

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The War of the Wombs was the name used by Lord Toad, a fool at Casterly Rock, to describe the fierce rivalry between Lady Ellyn Reyne and Lady Jeyne Marbrand.[1]


Lady Ellyn Reyne as depicted in The World of Ice & Fire by Magali Villeneuve

Lady Ellyn Reyne had been betrothed for years to Tywald Lannister, the eldest son, and heir to Lord Gerold Lannister of Casterly Rock. However, Tywald died in 233 AC, fighting in the Peake Uprising. Ellyn had anticipated becoming the Lady of Casterly Rock for a long time and was not willing to give up on that dream, so she turned to Tywald's twin brother, Tion Lannister, and convinced him to break his own betrothal, to a daughter of Lord Rowan, and take her as his betrothed instead.[1]

While Lord Gerold was opposed to the match, he consented in the end. Thus, in 235 AC, Ellyn and Tion were married in a double ceremony, while Tion's younger brother Tytos married Lady Jeyne Marbrand. Due to Gerold's health and his status as a widower, Ellyn, as the wife to his heir, became the Lady of Casterly Rock in all but name. The influence of the Reynes at Casterly Rock grew, until Tion's death in 236 AC, whilst fighting in the Fourth Blackfyre Rebellion.

Ellyn's influence at Casterly Rock ended with Tion's death. According to a semi-canon source, Ellyn made a final attempt to cling to power by claiming to be pregnant with Tion's child. This was eventually revealed to be a lie.[2]

Lady Jeyne Marbrand as depicted in The World of Ice & Fire by Magali Villeneuve

Ellyn was allowed to remain at Casterly Rock, though her brothers returned to Castamere.[1] According to a semi-canon source, singers began to favor Tytos Lannister's wife Jeyne Marbrand, who had grown into a great beauty.[2] A rivalry between Jeyne and Ellyn began. According to Maester Beldon, Ellyn attempted to bed Tytos in 239 AC, but was so intimidating that Tytos was unable to perform. He went to his wife and confessed, and whilst Jeyne forgave her husband, she went to her good-father, Lord Gerold, and informed him of what happened. In response, Gerold married Ellyn off within a fortnight to the 55-year-old Lord Walderan Tarbeck of Tarbeck Hall, twice widowed with several grown sons of his own.[1]

War of the Wombs

Ellyn gave birth to two daughters and a son by her new husband.[1] According to a semi-canon source, Rohanne was born in 240 AC, followed by Cyrelle in 241 AC, and Tion in 242 AC.[2] The names of her children, according to Beldon, were carefully chosen.[3][2] However, Jeyne gave birth to her eldest child by Tytos in 242 AC as well, whom she named Tywin.[1][4] Over the years, Jeyne would give birth to four more children: Kevan (b. 244 AC), Genna (b. 245 AC), Tygett (b. 250 AC),[5] and Gerion (b. 255 AC). Within a month of Gerion's birth, Jeyne died after failing to recover from labor.[1]


Ellyn would remain forever unwelcome at Casterly Rock. Following Lord Gerold's death in 244 AC, Tytos inherited his father's titles, but was an ineffectual ruler, with a desire to be liked by all. As such, Ellyn's brothers managed to loan great sums of money from House Lannister, which was given to Ellyn, who used the money to restore the ancient but impoverished House Tarbeck. Both the Reynes and Tarbecks rose in power due to Tytos's weak rule.[1]

Tensions between the Reynes, Tarbecks, and Lannisters would fester, until it came to a head in 261 AC, when Ser Tywin Lannister demanded all loans given out by Casterly Rock to be repaid. Lord Tarbeck refused, and traveled to Casterly Rock to negotiate, upon which Tywin arrested him. In response, Ellyn took two Lannisters of Lannisport and Stafford Lannister of Casterly Rock captive, and demanded the return of her husband. Late that same year, Ser Tywin summoned Lord Roger Reyne, his brother Ser Reynard, Lord Tarbeck, and Lady Ellyn to Casterly Rock, so that they could answer for their crimes. Both Houses Reyne and Tarbeck refused, and rose in a revolt that would see the extinction of both houses at the hands of Tywin Lannister.[1]


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