Alys Rivers

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Alys Rivers
Allegiance The greens
Book(s) The Princess and the Queen (appears)

Alys Rivers was a bedmate of Prince Aemond Targaryen.[1] She saw a vision in a fire, similar to an ability exhibited by the Red Priests of R'hllor.


Alys had long black hair.[1]


Alys was likely a bastard born in the riverlands as her last name, Rivers, is the bastard surname decreed by custom for that region.

During the Dance of the Dragons she joined Prince Aemond at Harrenhal after it fell to him. When word of the Fishfeed reached the castle Prince Aemond almost strangled the squire who delivered the news. Only the intercession of Alys saved the boy's life.[citation needed]

When Aemond flew his dragon, Vhagar back to Harrenhal to do battle with Prince Daemon Targaryen, he took the pregnant Alys with him. She rode behind him on Vhagar. Aemond told Daemon that it was Alys who told him where to find him, as she saw a vision in a fire.[1]

Prince Aemond left Alys on the ground, kissing her one last time, before Vhagar and Caraxes leapt as one into the sky above the Gods Eye with their dragonriders. The pregnant Alys watched the ensuing battle to the death atop Kingspyre Tower in Harrenhal below.[1]


She saw you in a storm cloud, in a mountain pool at dusk, in the fire we lit to cook our suppers. She sees much and more, my Alys.[1]

- Prince Aemond Targaryen to Prince Daemon Targaryen