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House Tyrell.svg Lord
Harlan Tyrell
House Tyrell.svg
Harlan Tyrell as depicted in Game of Thrones: Histories & Lore.

Culture Reach
Died 5 AC[1]
Dornish desert east of the Hellholt[2]
Issue Theo Tyrell[1]

Harlan Tyrell[1][3][4] was a member of House Tyrell and High Steward of Highgarden. He was the first to rule the Reach as Lord of Highgarden after Aegon's Conquest.


The Conquest

Harlan Tyrell served as the steward to Mern IX Gardener, King of the Reach, at the time of Aegon's Conquest. After Mern died at the Field of Fire, King Aegon I Targaryen marched on Highgarden, where Harlan yielded the castle without a fight, pledging his support to Aegon. For this, Aegon named him Lord of Highgarden and gave him dominion over the Reach as Lord Paramount of the Mander and Warden of the South,[5][6] despite the fact that the Tyrells could only claim descent from Garth Greenhand through the female line, while other houses, with older and more distinguished lineages, had closer blood ties to the now-extinct House Gardener.[1]

Harlan's elevation to Lord of Highgarden caused a number of his bannermen to voice their resentment, who bitterly compained about having to serve an "upjumped steward". However, their complaints were of no avail. Maester Yandel speculates that Harlan had been chosen as the new Lord of Highgarden by Aegon I because the Tyrells had not taken up arms against the Targaryens, whereas the Oakhearts, the Florents, the Rowans, the Peakes, and the Redwynes had marched beside King Mern.[1]

First Dornish War

Harlan served the Targaryens loyally and proved able in his lordship of the Reach. He marched south in 4 AC beside the Targaryens in the First Dornish War, and fought with King Aegon I against the Dornish mountain lords in the Prince's Pass. He next marched his army to Hellholt, but lost many to thirst and exposure to the sun on the way.[7] After the Targaryens had claimed Sunspear, Harlan was placed in charge of putting down revolts. In 5 AC, when Dorne rebelled, Harlan marched with his garrison from Hellholt, aiming to conquer Vaith and retake Sunspear. However, he vanished with his entire army in the sands of Dorne, never to be found again.[1][7] Harlan was succeeded by his son Theo.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Harlan's name is misspelled as "Harlen"[4] in the appendices of A Game of Thrones,[5] A Storm of Swords,[8] A Feast for Crows,[9] and A Dance with Dragons.[10]


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Last known title holder:
Lorent Tyrell
High Steward of Highgarden
?–c. 2 BC
Next known title holder:
Garth Tyrell
as Lord Seneschal of Highgarden
Preceded byas King of the Reach 1st
Lord of Highgarden
Lord Paramount of the Mander
Defender of the Marches
High Marshal of the Reach
Warden of the South

c. 2 BC – 5 AC
Succeeded by