List of characters created for House of the Dragon

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This page lists the characters that have been created for House of the Dragon, the television adaptation of Fire & Blood and have no equivalent counterpart in the books. The characters are listed according to their first appearance or mention in the series.

Season 1

Episode 1: The Heirs of the Dragon

Episode 2: The Rogue Prince

Episode 3: Second of His Name

Episode 4: King of the Narrow Sea

Episode 5: We Light the Way

Episode 6: The Princess and the Queen

Episode 7: Driftmark

Episode 8: The Lord of the Tides

Episode 9: The Green Council

Season 2

Episode 1: A Son for a Son

Unknown episode


The text Shrubbery, Being a History on the Flora of the Valyrian Freehold was written for House of the Dragon and submitted to language consultant David J. Peterson to be translated into High Valyrian. The prop is used in "The Princess and the Queen" but its contents are not shown on-screen. It introduces the following original characters:

Book-characters given new names

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