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House Baratheon.svg Lady
Cassandra Baratheon
Cassandra Baratheon ainzee.jpg
Cassandra Baratheon, by ainzee ©

Alias Cass[1]
Title Lady[2]
Culture Stormlander
Born 111116 AC[3]
Father Borros Baratheon
Mother Elenda Caron
Spouse Ser Walter Brownhill

Played by Emma O'Hara (uncredited)
TV series House of the Dragon: Season 1

Cassandra Baratheon was a noblewoman from House Baratheon during the reign of kings Viserys I, Aegon II and Aegon III Targaryen. She was the eldest of the four daughters of Lord Borros Baratheon of Storm's End with his wife, Lady Elenda Caron.[1][4] Cassandra and her three sisters, Maris, Ellyn, and Floris, were known as the Four Storms.[5]

In the television adaptation House of the Dragon, Cassandra is portrayed by Emma O'Hara.

Appearance and Character

Cassandra was less pretty than her sister Floris, and less clever than her sister Maris.[1] She and her sisters would sometimes fight, but their father always made them make peace afterwards.[1]

After great disappointments, Cassandra was accused of becoming sour, bitter, and resentful,[4] as well as prone to treasonous plots.[6]


Dance of the Dragons

The Four Storms: Cassandra, Maris, Ellyn, and Floris Baratheon, by viscardiac ©

Though Borros Baratheon loved his daughters, he greatly desired a son; however, until one was born, Cassandra was his heir.[1][4]

At the start of the Dance of the Dragons in 129 AC, Prince Aemond Targaryen arrived at Storm's End, seeking an alliance for the green faction of his brother, King Aegon II Targaryen. Lord Borros offered the hand of any of his daughters, noting that Cassandra would be the first to flower. Prince Aemond agreed and chose one of the Four Storms; however, which one is not known, save it was not Maris. (According to Mushroom, Aemond kissed all four girls before making his decision.) The lord and prince were haggling over dates and dowries the morning Prince Lucerys Velaryon arrived at Storm's End, as an envoy to Borros for his mother, Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen, and her blacks. When Borros made him the same offer, Lucerys said he could not marry Cassandra or her sisters due to his betrothal to Rhaena Targaryen, and he was sent away by Lord Borros. Shortly thereafter, Aemond slew Lucerys in the fight above Shipbreaker Bay.[1]

In 131 AC, in return for the support of Ser Perkin the Flea and the stormlords in restoring King Aegon II to the Iron Throne, Queen Dowager Alicent Hightower agreed that the widowed king would marry Cassandra Baratheon. As the king's sons, Prince Jaehaerys and Prince Maelor, had both died, Aegon II wished to marry Cassandra Baratheon at once after retaking the Iron Throne, and have sons with her.[2]

Lord Borros died in the Battle of the Kingsroad, where the last of the green armies was defeated. Seven days after the battle, Lady Elenda Caron, Cassandra's mother, gave birth to Borros's posthumous son, Royce, who displaced Cassandra as heir to Storm's End. About the same time, King Aegon II was poisoned by members of his small council after he refused to surrender.[2] It is said that Lady Cassandra wept bitterly when she learned that the king had died and that she would not be a queen.[7]

Regency of Aegon III

In mid-131 AC, Lady Elenda sent Cassandra, Ellyn, and Floris to represent House Baratheon at the coronation of Aegon III Targaryen and his wedding to Princess Jaehaera.[5] Cassandra became a lady companion to the new queen after the wedding. In 133 AC, when Jaehaera was found dead on the moat of spikes below Maegor's Holdfast, some blamed Lady Cassandra. Her detractors claimed that losing her status as her father's heir and her disappointment at not becoming queen had turned her sour, and that she bitterly resented having to care for a weepy and feeble-witted queen whom she blamed for all her woes.[4]

Nevertheless, Lady Elenda put both Cassandra and Ellyn forward as a potential new queen for King Aegon III, citing that Cassandra had once been betrothed to Aegon II and was well prepared to serve as queen. Before the Maiden's Day Ball where the king was to choose his new bride, the rumor that Cassandra had murdered Jaehaera was heard again, likely due to the actions of Lord Unwin Peake, who hoped to further his own daughter as a marriage candidate for the king. During the ball, Ellyn asked Aegon if he liked her gown. Cassandra later put it about that her question was if he liked her breasts.[4]

After Aegon III chose Daenaera Velaryon to be his queen, Cassandra became her companion. In 135 AC, the king and queen suffered an attempted poisoning, and a conspiracy was made to frame Lady Larra Rogare, the wife of Prince Viserys Targaryen. When the conspirators were exposed, three of the queen's ladies were accused of being among them, including Cassandra. At the trials in 136 AC, Cassandra confessed that she had often shared her bed with Ser Mervyn Flowers, and sometimes with Tessario the Tiger at Ser Mervyn's behest. When Lord Willam Stackspear suggested Cassandra was part of the reward Tessario had been promised for his part in the conspiracy, Cassandra burst into tears. Cassandra and the other accused ladies were questioned closely to draw out other names, but all three refused to say if Lady Clarice Osgrey, mistress of the queen's household, had been complicit, only shaking their heads when asked directly.[6]

Due to her high birth, Cassandra was spared from the harsh punishments received by Lucinda Penrose and Priscella Hogg, the queen's other ladies involved in the conspiracy. Lady Elenda had sent three Baratheon bannermen to speak for Cassandra during her trial. Through them, and Lord Lorent Grandison, Cassandra was arranged to marry a minor knight, Ser Walter Brownhill, thirty years her elder, who had fathered sixteen children in total upon three previous wives. Through caring for Ser Walter's thirteen living children and the additional sons or daughters she might give him, Lady Elenda thought Cassandra's plotting would cease, and it did.[6]


I have four daughters. Choose any one you like. Cass is oldest, she'll be first to flower, but Floris is prettier. And if it’s a clever wife you want, there's Maris.[1]

She will give me strong sons, worthy of the Iron Throne.[2]


Aerion Targaryen
[Note 1]
Unknown woman
[Note 2]
[Note 3]
Unknown first wife
Alyssa Velaryon
Archon's daughter
Two daughters
Elenda Caron
Rhaenys Targaryen
  1. Parentage unproven, but widely accepted as fact by some maesters, as well as members of House Targaryen and House Baratheon itself.
  2. Uncertain, may be Davos Baratheon.
  3. The canon status of the character is unclear. See: Family trees and successions – Comment by Ran (December 20, 2018).

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