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Symond Frey
House Frey.png
Allegiance House Frey
Born In or between 252 AC and 260 AC[1], at the Twins[2]
Died In 300 AC (suspected), at the north
Spouse Betharios of Braavos
Issue Alesander Frey
Alyx Frey
Bradamar Frey
Book(s) A Clash of Kings (appendix)
A Storm of Swords (appendix)
A Feast for Crows (appendix)
A Dance with Dragons (appears)

Symond Frey is a member of House Frey and is the seventh son of Lord Walder Frey, the second born of Walder's marriage to Amarei Crakehall. Symond is married to Betharios of Braavos and they have three children, Alesander, Alyx and Bradamar Frey.[3] He is a counter of coins and a spymaster.[4]

Recent Events

A Dance with Dragons

Along with Ser Jared Frey and Rhaegar Frey, Symond travels on the Lionstar to White Harbor via Sisterton to return the bones of Ser Wendel Manderly, who was killed in the Red Wedding, to his father, Lord Wyman Manderly.[5] The Freys also want to ensure White Harbor bends the knee to the Iron Throne.[6] They offer Wyman a Frey bride and betrothals of Rhaegar to his granddaughter Wynafryd and Little Walder Frey to Wyman's other granddaughter, Wylla.[7]

When Lord Davos Seaworth arrives in White Harbor to persuade House Manderly to support Stannis Baratheon, the three Freys are already present. Wyman publicly supports the Freys, as the Iron Throne holds hostage his surviving son and heir, Ser Wylis Manderly, at Harrenhal. Wyman fakes Davos's death by having a criminal with similar features executed and his head dipped in tar so the Freys falsely believe him to be Davos.[8] As a reward for proving his loyalty, Queen Cersei Lannister has Wylis returned to White Harbor via Maidenpool.[9]

Wyman later reveals to Davos that Symond had been bribing several of his servants and two knights to spy on the Lord of White Harbor for the Freys. A handmaid of Symond's wife, Betharios, found her way into the bed of Wyman's fool.[8]

Wyman gives Jared, Rhaegar, and Symond palfreys as "guest gifts"[10] when the three Freys depart White Harbor for the wedding of "Arya Stark" to Ramsay Bolton.[8] They disappear while traveling to Barrowton, however, despite the search efforts of Ramsay.[11]

At Winterfell after Ramsay's wedding, Wyman presents three huge pies at the wedding feast while requesting a song from the singer Abel about the Rat Cook.[12] Ser Aenys Frey and Ser Hosteen Frey suspect Wyman of foul play.[4]


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