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Tyanna of the Tower
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Tyanna of Pentos by Samantha Altarozzi.jpg
Tyanna, by Samantha Altarozzi ©

  • Tyanna of Pentos[1]
  • The king's raven[1]
  • The mistress of whispers[1]
  • Mistress of the spiders[1]
Allegiance House Targaryen
Culture Pentoshi
Born Pentos
Died 48 AC
King's Landing
Father Unknown magister
Spouse King Maegor I Targaryen
Lover Queen Alys Harroway (rumored)[1]

Queen Tyanna of the Tower,[1] also known as Tyanna of Pentos,[1] was a courtesan from Pentos who married King Maegor I Targaryen, becoming the third of his six wives.[2]

Appearance and Character

Tyanna was a pale beauty with black hair the color of a raven.[1] Her name may come from the fact that Pentos is known for its square brick towers.[3][4]

Tyanna is said to have dabbled in sorcery and alchemy.[2] According to some rumors, she was not loved by her mother-in-law, Queen Visenya Targaryen. She is remembered as a black-hearted woman who was hated and feared.[1]


Tyanna was rumored to be the natural daughter of a magister of Pentos. She began as a tavern dancer and rose to become a courtesan, although some claimed she was also a poisoner and a sorceress.[1]

Prince Maegor Targaryen was exiled to Pentos in 39 AC, but he returned to the Seven Kingdoms to claim the Iron Throne in 42 AC amid the Faith Militant uprising. His rule was challenged with a trial of seven; Maegor won but was left grievously wounded. Twenty-eight days later, Alys Harroway, Maegor's second wife, returned to Westeros in the company of Tyanna; the Pentoshi woman was rumored to be Maegor's concubine or Alys's paramour.[1] The Dowager Queen, Visenya Targaryen, after meeting with Tyanna, gave the king over to her care alone, which troubled Maegor's supporters.[2]

Tyanna and Visenya Targaryen heal King Maegor I Targaryen with sorcery, by Chillyravenart ©

After awakening from his coma, Maegor burned the Warrior's Sons at the Sept of Remembrance atop the Hill of Rhaenys and waged war on the Faith Militant. After his victory in the battle at the Great Fork of the Blackwater, Maegor returned to King's Landing and announced his intention to take Tyanna as his third wife. When Grand Maester Myros objected, claiming that the king's only true wife was Ceryse Hightower, Maegor slew the man with his Valyrian steel sword, Blackfyre. Tyanna married Maegor atop the Hilly of Rhaenys, and Alys is said to have joined the pair in bed on their first night of marriage.[1]

Tyanna served as mistress of whisperers on her husband's small council and was dubbed "the king's raven". It was said that discussing secrets in the Red Keep was foolish, as rats and other vermin were her spies.[1]

The Dowager Queen also died in 44 AC. In the confusion after Visenya's death, Aenys I Targaryen's widow, Queen Alyssa Velaryon, slipped away from Dragonstone with her children, as well as with the sword Dark Sister. Alyssa and Aenys's second son, Prince Viserys, had been kept at the Red Keep as Maegor's squire, however, and he suffered for her flight. Viserys died after nine days of questioning at the hands of Tyanna of the Tower.[1]

When Queen Alys gave birth to a monstrosity in 44 AC, Queen Tyanna convinced Maegor that it was due to Alys having secret affairs. Maegor disbelieved Tyanna and called her a barren, jealous witch, whereupon Tyanna provided the king with a list of twenty men she claimed had slept with Alys.[1] This led to the extinction of House Harroway,[2] and the torture and execution of dozens of alleged lovers. Tyanna tortured Alys herself for near a fortnight until the queen died.[1]

Tyanna was unable to give Maegor an heir, so the king wed the three Black BridesElinor Costayne, Jeyne Westerling, and Rhaena Targaryen—in 47 AC. Tyanna forced Rhaena's obedience by threatening her daughters, Aerea and Rhaella. Some stories claim that Tyanna gave Jeyne a fertility potion that night, but the new bride tossed it into Tyanna's face.[1]

In 48 AC, Queen Jeyne birthed a stillborn monstrosity, and rumors spread that Maegor was cursed. The angry king had two of his Kingsguard, Ser Owen Bush and Ser Maladon Moore, bring Tyanna to the dungeons. As the torturers prepared their tools, she confessed her responsibility for the two abominations born of Alys Harroway and Jeyne Westerling, claiming she had poisoned the babies in their mothers' wombs. Tyanna also promised that the same fate would befall the pregnant Elinor Costayne. Tyanna was killed by Maegor's own hand, her heart cut out with Blackfyre and thrown to his dogs;[1] Maladon stood witness to her death.[5] Two moons later Elinor birthed a stillborn monstrosity.[1]

After Maegor died on the Iron Throne in 48 AC, his headsman, gaolers, and confessors were condemned by King Jaehaerys I Targaryen for having aided Tyanna in the death of his elder brother, Prince Viserys.[5]


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Preceded by Queen consort of the Seven Kingdoms
4248 AC
With: Ceryse Hightower
Alys Harroway
Elinor Costayne
Rhaena Targaryen
Jeyne Westerling
Succeeded by
Unknown Mistress of whisperers
4248 AC
Served under: Maegor I Targaryen
Next known title holder:
Larys Strong