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House Morrigen.svg Ser
Gyles Morrigen
Culture Stormlander
Born In or before 32 AC[2]
Died In 8499 AC[2]

Gyles Morrigen was a knight from House Morrigen. He served in the Kingsguard as Lord Commander during the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen.[1]


Ser Gyles Morrigen was a skilled knight of the stormlands. He was a nephew to Ser Damon the Devout, the Grand Captain of the Warrior's Sons. During the late reign of King Maegor I Targaryen, he supported the claim of Prince Jaehaerys when Lord Rogar Baratheon declared for the prince against Maegor's tyranny.[1]

After Jaehaerys took the Iron Throne, he gave the remaining members of his uncle's Kingsguard a choice between execution or taking the black. Ser Harrold Langward demanded a trial by combat, and his request was granted. Jaehaerys wished to fight Harrold himself, but his council overruled him, and Ser Gyles acted as the crown's champion instead. Morrigen made short work of Ser Harrold, and Jaehaerys decided to make him the first member of his new Kingsguard, naming him Lord Commander.[1]

During the Golden Wedding, Gyles announced that King Jaehaerys would grant an audience in his solar with any lord or knight who wished a private word with their new king. Gyles remained in the solar guarding his king while he talked to the six-score who accepted the king's offer.[3]

When Princess Alysanne Targaryen discovered her betrothal plans, she informed Jaehaerys, who acted immediately and ordered Gyles to discreetly travel to Dragonstone under the cover of darkness with the rest of the white cloaks. Jaehaerys and Alysanne later flew to the island. On Dragonstone, Morrigen and the Kingsguard stood witness as Jaehaerys and Alysanne married, with Septon Oswyck performing the ceremony. When Lord Rogar Baratheon and Queen Regent Alyssa Velaryon arrived and tried to take the royal children back, Gyles and his sworn brothers defied the King's Hand by forming a wall in front of their king and queen, informing Rogar that he would be the first to die if Rogar's men attacked.[3]

During Jaehaerys's minority on Dragonstone, the Lord Commander, along with the rest of the Kingsguard, sparred with their young king, who spent every morning until midday in the castle yard training with sword, shield and any other weapon.[4] When the king came of age and went on his royal progresses with the queen, Gyles accompanied them. Gyles and his sworn brother Ser Joffrey Doggett guarded the entrance of Jonquil's Pool in Maidenpool when Queen Alysanne and her ladies entered to bathe in the sacred waters. Both men rushed in when they heard screams. Three sisters of the order who attended the pools had tried to kill Alysanne, but her ladies shielded her so the queen was unharmed. Morrigen and Ser Joffrey slew two of the attackers and spared the third for questioning.[5]

In 57 AC Jaehaerys sent his new Hand of the King, Septon Barth, to Braavos, to negotiate with the Sealord of Braavos. The Lord Commander accompanied Barth on the diplomatic mission as his protector.[5] After the death of two of his sworn brothers in 59 AC from the winter plague known as the Shivers, Gyles personally selected in the following year their replacements, Ser Ryam Redwyne and Ser Robin Shaw, who were both given a white cloak by King Jaehaerys.[6]

Late in 73 AC, Ser Ryam Redwyne discovered that Ser Lucamore Strong had broken his sworn vows: he had wed in secret, not once, but thrice, with each woman being ignorant of the other two. On these three wives, he had fathered a total of sixteen children. Incensed, Gyles had Ser Lucamore seized and brought before the Iron Throne, along with his three wives and all his children. He requested that the king put Ser Lucamore to death, but Jaehaerys instead ordered Strong to be gelded and sent to the Wall to join the Night's Watch.[6]

Morrigen and Ser Robert Redwyne, the Commander of the City Watch, escorted Princess Saera Targaryen before the throne in 84 AC upon the truths that came to light after an incident at the Blue Pearl.[6] Ser Gyles passed away at an unknown date.


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Next known title holder:
Addison Hill
Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
48 AC–?
Served under: Jaehaerys I Targaryen
Next known title holder:
Ryam Redwyne