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An ancient warhorn with runes carved into it © FFG
A sentry sounding the horn to signal dragons attacking. © FFG
Summoning Season. © FFG

The horn is a popular instrument in A Song of Ice and Fire for quick and easy communication.


A horn is often made from the horn of a horned animal, such as an aurochs[1] or even a dragon.[2][3]. Horns can come in various sizes. They can be banded with metals, such as bronze or gold. A dragon horn can have Valyrian glyphs written upon it.[2] A warhorn's sound can be long and low[4] and can carry far and wide.

Horns can be used to sound the alarum,[5] to rouse camps,[6] and to herald the coming of pit fighters.[7] Sentries of the Night's Watch sound one blast when rangers return to the Wall, two blasts for wildlings, and three blasts for Others.[8][6]


The sigils of Houses Merryweather and Goodbrother include a horn of plenty[9][10] and a warhorn respectively.[11][12]

Hammerhorn, Horn Hill, Hornvale and Sow's Horn are the seats of Houses Goodbrother, Tarly, Brax and Hogg.[13][14][15]

House Hornwood of Hornwood is a noble house from the north sworn to the Starks of Winterfell.[16]

Some horns


Rory lifted his great horn to his lips and blew. AAAAhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.[21]

Jon Snow's narrative

A sentry's horn greeted them as they approached, sounding from on high like the cry of some, huge, deep-throated bird, a single long blast the meant rangers returning. [22]

Jon Snow’s narrative

AHooooooooooooooooooooooo, the warhorn cried, long and low, a sound to curdle blood. Asha began to hate the sound of horns. On Old Wyk her uncle’s hellhorn had blown a death knell for her dream, and now Hagen was sounding what might well be her last hour on earth.[4]

Asha Greyjoy's narrative

The gate tuned out to be closed but not barred; it gave way at the second blow, and Ser Franklyn's men were halfway up the throat before a warhorn sounded the alarum from the castle proper.[5]

Jon Connington's narrative