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Jet is a dark gemstone created through the high-pressure decomposition of wood.


Jet decorates the armor of Tytos Blackwood, by Wibben © Fantasy Flight Games

Lord Tytos Blackwood owns bright yellow armor inlaid with jet in elaborate vine-and-leaf patterns.[1] The helm of Ser Marlon Manderly depicts the merling king with a beard of jade and jet.[2]

The broken wheel of House Waynwood is picked out in beads of jet on the green mantle of Lady Anya Waynwood.[3]

Bran Stark has a wolf's-head brooch of silver and polished jet.[4] One of the brooches of Ser Brynden Tully is a black fish wrought in jet and gold.[5]

Illyrio Mopatis has jet among his various rings.[6]

Oznak zo Pahl wears armor with copper and jet scales.[7]

The dark hair of characters like Boremund Baratheon,[8] Renly Baratheon,[9] Edric Storm,[10] Alleras,[11] and Arianne Martell[12] can be called jet black.

Some Westerosi compare the dark skin of Summer Islanders like Alayaya,[13] Quhuru Mo,[14] and Kojja Mo[15] to polished jet.


Jet and jade were among the goods on the Treasure when it reached Pentos after a voyage to the Jade Sea.[16]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

Renly Baratheon wears a cloth-of-gold cape with the black stag of House Baratheon picked out in flakes of jet.[17]

A Dance with Dragons

Victarion Greyjoy thinks of the skin of Moqorro as even blacker than jet.[18]