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Margaery Tyrell in a garden in Highgarden © FFG
The Garden of a wealthy villa in Dorne. © FFG

There are gardens in the known world of A Song of Ice and Fire. All sectors of society are known to keep gardens, such as the smallfolk who keep homely and functional cottage gardens,[1] and nobles who may have more extravagant gardens. Some gardens are kept for pleasure, sustenance, or both, with a mixture of ornamental and edible plants.[2][3] Attractive fruit trees, such as cherry[2] and lemon,[4] are also sometimes a feature of gardens.[2] Food can be grown in a glass garden (real-world greenhouse) in winter.[5]

Many characters draw comfort from spending time in gardens. Daenerys Targaryen draws great solace from her garden in the Great Pyramid.[6] The Water Gardens in Dorne are Prince Doran Martell's favorite place in the world.[7]

Little villages in the eastern riverlands can have flourishing gardens during times of peace.[8]

Godswoods have garden features. Many godswoods still found in the south now serve as secular gardens.[9]

Gardens of Westeros

The Riverlands


The sept at Riverrun is a seven-sided sandstone building amidst the gardens of the late Minisa Tully. The godswood at Riverrun is a garden, bright and airy, where tall redwoods spread dappled shadows across tinkling streams, birds sing from hidden nests, and the air is spicy with the scent of flowers.[9]

Quiet Isle

There is a vegetable garden behind the sept on the Quiet Isle.[10]

The Vale

The Eyrie's seven towers encircle a garden, which had been meant as a godswood, but no weirwood heart tree would take root in the stony soil.[11] The garden, which is overlooked by Lady Lysa Arryn's apartments, instead contains grass, shrubbery, and a woman's statue, located at its center. The statue depicts Alyssa Arryn.[12]


King's Landing

The Great Sept of Baelor has large gardens capable of holding hundreds surrounding it.[13] Myrcella Baratheon has a garden at the Red Keep.[14]


The garden in Dragonstone is called Aegon's Garden. Within, grow tall dark trees, wild roses, towering thorny hedges, and cranberries. The garden has a pleasant piney scent.[15]

The North


In Winterfell, the glass gardens are greenhouses heated by natural hot springs, turning them into a place of moist warmth, thereby keeping the earth from freezing.[16] They are used to grow fruits, vegetables and flowers. Inside the glass gardens, it is always like the hottest day of summer.[11] The rare winter rose is said to be the most beautiful of the flowers grown in the glass gardens of Winterfell.[17] The glass gardens have a warm earthy smell.[18]

Castle Black

At the Wall, Castle Black has vegetable garden.[19]


Casterly Rock

The Rock is almost two leagues long from west to east, and contains gardens.[20]

The Reach

The mythical High King of the First Men, Garth Greenhand, supposedly made the land bloom.[21]


The Seven Shrines have gardens.[22]


Water Gardens

In Dorne, there are the Water Gardens.[7]

Beyond the Wall

Some free folk also keep vegetable gardens.[23]

Gardens of Essos and Beyond

Blooming cherry trees in Illyrio's manse in Pentos © FFG


There are no trees to be found within Braavos except in the courts and gardens of the mighty.[24] The Gardens of Gelenei is a temple in the city; though it is not stated if there are gardens there, there is a gilded tree a hundred feet high with leaves of hammered silver.[25]


The gardens behind Illyrio's manse are extensive.[2] Six cherry trees surround a marble pool in the front.[2] Garlic grows in his gardens, as well as a poisonous variety of mushroom found in a garden by Tyrion Lannister.[2]

Ghoyan Drohe

In Ghoyan Drohe, the ruined city in the Velvet Hills, A few people still remain amidst the squalor, tending little gardens amongst the weeds.[3]


Daenerys Targaryen's private chambers are in the lofty apex of the Great Pyramid on the highest step. Her chambers are surrounded by terrace garden with greenery and fragrant pools.[26]

The audience chamber of the Great Pyramid has its own terrace. The lower terrace and its garden includes lemon trees and night-blooming flowers.[4]


The Palace of Love, now called the Palace of Sorrow, once had gardens bright with flowers and fountains sparkling golden in the sun. [27]


In Qarth, Xaro Xhoan Daxos offers Daenerys Targaryen the use of his palace during her stay. There, Daenerys has her own gardens full of fragrant lavender and mint, a marble bathing pool stocked with tiny golden fish, a scrying tower and warlock's maze.[28]

The Garden of Gehane is a location in Qarth. After the destruction of the House of the Undying, ghost grass is found growing in the Garden of Gehane [29]


Missandei mentions to Daenerys that her family had a garden in Naath.[30]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

In Vaes Tolorro, Daenerys Targaryen puts Rakharo in charge of pulling up the plaza in an effort to turn it into a garden.[31]

North along the eastern side of the river running south from the Gods Eye, Yoren and his men come across an abandoned cottage. Tarber finds a garden in the backyard where they pull some onions and radishes.[1]

In the House of the Undying, Pyat Pree falsely tells Daenerys Targaryen her visit is over, and to follow him into a garden.

A Storm of Swords

Arya Stark, Gendry, and Hot Pie encounter the Brotherhood Without Banners at the cottage of dead Old Pate. His cottage is burned and his garden overgrown.{{ref|asos|13}]

Edric Storm plays monsters-and-maidens with Shireen Baratheon and Patchface at Aegon's Garden in Dragonstone. [15]

Missandei finds Daenerys in the terrace garden of the Great Pyramid. Dany has the girl promise to never lie to her, to never betray her.

A Feast for Crows

Cersei Lannister states that after the war she means to build a new palace beyond the river; in a dream she sees the palace surrounded by woods and gardens.

Cersei is appalled to hear and see that hundreds of sparrows are encamped in the gardens of the Great Sept of Baelor.

A Dance with Dragons

Varamyr Sixskins recalls that a dozen villages paid him a kind of homage; offering, among other things, fruit from their orchards and vegetables from their gardens.[23]

Daenerys entertains the representatives from Yunkai in the audience chamber of the Great Pyramid and its terrace.[4]


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