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Myrcella Baratheon
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Title Princess
Allegiance House Baratheon of King's Landing
Born In 290 AC[1], at King's Landing
Book(s) A Game of Thrones (appears)
A Clash of Kings (appears)
A Storm of Swords (mentioned)
A Feast for Crows (appears)
A Dance with Dragons (mentioned)

Played by Aimee Richardson Season 1 | Season 2
Nell Tiger Free Season 5
TV series Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 5

Princess Myrcella Baratheon is known to the Seven Kingdoms as the middle child of King Robert Baratheon and Queen Cersei Lannister. A member of House Baratheon of King's Landing, her siblings are Princes Joffrey and Tommen. In the TV series, she is played by Aimee Richardson (season 1 & 2) and Nell Tiger Free (season 5).

Appearance and Personality

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Myrcella is described by her uncle Tyrion Lannister as having all of her mother's beauty, but none of her mother's nature. She is delicate, beautiful, and courteous. For her age, she displays courage, a strong will, and high intelligence. She is eight at the beginning of the series.

Recent Events

Myrcella with a knight of the Kingsguard - by Sacha Angel Diener ©

A Game of Thrones

Princess Myrcella accompanies her father, King Robert Baratheon, north to visit Winterfell and the Starks. She is smitten with Robb Stark during the feast.[2] Lord Eddard Stark discovers that Myrcella and her siblings are not the children of Robert, but actually Cersei's twin brother, Ser Jaime Lannister.[3] Myrcella is in the throne room when Eddard confronts Cersei and is betrayed by Petyr Baelish.[4]

A Clash of Kings

In an effort to win Dorne over to the side of House Lannister in the War of the Five Kings, her uncle, Tyrion Lannister, offers to marry Myrcella to Trystane Martell, Prince Doran's youngest son.[5] The offer is accepted and Princess Myrcella, accompanied by Ser Arys Oakheart of the Kingsguard, sets sail for Braavos, where they will be met by an escort from Dorne.[6]

A Feast for Crows

To get revenge against the Lannisters for the deaths of Elia and Oberyn Martell, Arianne Martell schemes to make Myrcella Queen of the Seven Kingdoms after King Joffrey I's death. According to Dornish law, an elder sister inherits before her younger brother, which would make Myrcella the rightful queen.[7] Arianne hopes that the Dornishmen will rise to defend her claim for a chance to war against the Lannisters, who would be expected to support Myrcella's younger brother, King Tommen I.

Arianne and a small group of friends travel with Myrcella through the desert, leaving the princess's cousin and handmaiden Rosamund Lannister as a decoy in Sunspear. When they come to their destination, Prince Doran Martell's guardsmen are waiting for them. Their conspiracy has been betrayed. Myrcella's bodyguard, Arys Oakheart, attacks the guardsmen, but is killed by their captain, Areo Hotah. During the chaos, Ser Gerold Dayne strikes at Myrcella to force Doran into a war against the Lannisters.[8] He fails to deal a killing blow, as Myrcella's horse veers away, but the princess is still wounded. Maester Caleotte saves her life, but Myrcella loses an ear and has a hideous facial scar.[9]

A Dance with Dragons

Ser Balon Swann arrives at Sunspear, where he tells Prince Doran Martell that King Tommen Baratheon wishes his sister to return to King's Landing for a visit, inviting Myrcella's betrothed, Prince Trystane Martell, along. Prince Doran assures the knight they will see Myrcella at the Water Gardens. Princess Arianne Martell tells Obara, Nymeria and Tyene Sand, during a private conversation with Prince Doran, that Myrcella will tell Ser Balon that Ser Arys Oakheart had been slain by Ser Gerold Dayne, and that Dayne had tried to kill Myrcella as well. Prince Doran is convinced Myrcella will ask Balon to hunt down Gerold Dayne, and that Balon will not be able to refuse. Meanwhile, he decides that Myrcella will, indeed, return to King's Landing, in company of Nymeria Sand.[10]

Reflecting, Jaime Lannister thinks he will need to tell Myrcella the truth about her paternity, though the Dornishmen will not like it.[11]

During her imprisonment, Cersei Lannister learns of the attack on Myrcella by Gerold Dayne from her uncle. Kevan tells her that Myrcella blames Dayne for both the attack on her, as well as the death of Ser Arys.[12]

During a meeting of the small council, Ser Kevan Lannister discusses the preparations to be made for Myrcella's return. Myrcella has begun her journey to King's Landing.[13]

Quotes by Myrcella

We're children. We're supposed to be childish. [14]

Quotes about Myrcella

She had all of her mother's beauty, and none of her nature.[15]
Tyrion Lannister

The truth was, the princess was braver than her brother, and brighter and more confident as well. Her wits were quicker, her courtesies more polished. Nothing daunted her, not even Joffrey. [7]
– Ser Arys Oakheart


a daughter
Robert I
Renly I
Stannis I
Joffrey I
Tommen I
9 Others

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