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A phalanx of Dornish spearmen, as depicted by Diego Gisbert © Fantasy Flight Games

Year 5 After the Conquest (5 AC) is a year in the Westerosi calendar, the 5th after Aegon's crowning in Oldtown that maesters and educated people use as a reference to date the years.

In 5 AC the Dornish War continued with renewed fierceness. Taking advantage of the fact that Aegon and Balerion had returned to King's Landing, hordes of Dornish spearmen emerged from hiding and recaptured the castles they had lost, killing the garrisons and the castellans. Lord Jon Rosby was thrown by Meria Martell from the top of the Spear Tower in what would be known as the Defenestration of Sunspear, and Harlan Tyrell and his entire army disappeared amidst the red sands, somewhere at the east of Hellholt.

Year 5 AC is also notable for the creation of the office of Grand Maester, after King Aegon requested the Citadel to send him one of their own to advise him.


Titles and Appointments


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