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Years after Aegon's Conquest
Aegon's I coronation at the Starry Sept, as depicted by Michael Komarck in The World of Ice & Fire.

Year 1 After the Conquest (1 AC) is the year in which Aegon Targaryen was crowned in Oldtown. It would be used as the origin of the Westerosi calendar, used by maesters and educated people use as a reference to date the years. It should be noted that since Aegon coronation didn't take place until he had conquered almost all Westeros between Dorne and the Wall, most of the battles and events of the Conquest itself are paradoxically dated in years 1 and 2 "before the Conquest (BC)".

In 1 AC the Three Sisters tried take advantage of the chaos of the Conquest to declare themselves independent, but the secession was quickly stopped by Visenya with his dragon and an army of Northmen.[1]


Titles and Appointments

  • Steffon Sunderland is named Lord of the Three Sisters after his sister Marla, after bending the knee to Visenya, renewing his fealty to the Eyrie and delivering his sons as hostages.


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