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Daeron I Targaryen

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Daeron I
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Daeron I by Amok©
Biographical Information
Reign 157AC - 161AC
Full Name Daeron Targaryen First of His Name
Alias The Young Dragon
The Boy King
Other Titles King of the Seven Kingdoms
Born in 143AC, at King's Landing[1]
Died in 161AC, at Dorne[1]
Buried in , at King's Landing
Royal House House Targaryen
Predecessor Aegon III Targaryen
Heir Baelor I Targaryen
Successor Baelor I Targaryen
Issue None
Father Aegon III Targaryen
Mother Daenaera Velaryon[1]
Books A Game of Thrones (Mentioned)
A Storm of Swords (Mentioned)

King Daeron I, known as the Young Dragon, was the eldest son of Aegon III and the eighth Targaryen king to sit the Iron Throne from 157-161AC. He ascended to the throne at the age of fourteen and is famous for conquering Dorne, which he wrote about in his Conquest of Dorne.


Character and Appearance

Daeron was a warrior and conquerer, self-confident and very charismatic. He was young and very handsome, being clean-shaven with long hair. He wore the crown of Aegon the Conqueror. He was noted to be very brave on the battlefield, where he wore an elaborate suit of gold and black plate.[2]


Daeron was the firstborn son and heir of Aegon III and Daenaera of House Velaryon, and was born in 143AC. He had a younger brother, Baelor, and three younger sisters, Daena, Rhaena and Elaena. His father past away when Daeron was only fourteen and he was crowned King Daeron I, though at times he would be called the "Boy King". Daeron named his uncle Viserys as his Hand of the King, as his uncle had held the position for Aegon III as well.

Daeron had long felt that the continued independence of Dorne represented unfinished business for the House Targaryen, and upon his ascension he vowed to rectify his ancestors' mistake. Upon taking the throne he set to conquer Dorne, which he succeeded in, becoming the first Targaryen king to conquer Dorne and unite all Seven Kingdoms for the first time. Following his conquest he wrote the book Conquest of Dorne about his achievement.[3] The book was known for its style and simplicity but in it Daeron exaggerated the numbers of his foes to make his conquest seem greater.

Unfortunately for him, Daeron's conquest did not last. It was undone in a fortnight when a clever trap killed the steward that Daeron had left to rule Dorne, Lord Tyrell. His death sparked a great uprising that overthrew most of the conquest.[4] Daeron lost fifty thousand men trying to hold Dorne, culminating in his own death during the uprising. At that time he was only eighteen.[5] He may have died in the Prince's Pass, as Alester and Ser Olyvar Oakheart were killed there at the side of the Young Dragon.[6]

Daeron was succeeded by his brother, Baelor the Blessed. In the city of Oldtown, there is a statue of King Daeron I astride a tall stone horse, his sword lifted toward Dorne.[7]


Jon: Daeron Targaryen was only fourteen when he conquered Dorne.

Benjen: A conquest that lasted a summer. Your Boy King lost ten thousand men taking the place, and another fifty trying to hold it. Someone should have told him that war isn't a game.[5]

- Jon Snow and Benjen Stark


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