Storm's End

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Storm's End
Legendary Castle, Regional Capital
Storm s end by feliche.jpg
Storm's End by Feliche©
Government House Durrandon (formerly)
House Baratheon , Feudal Lord.
Religion Faith of the Seven
Founded Age of Heroes
The stormlands and the location of Storm's End
The stormlands and the location of Storm's End
Storm's End
The stormlands and the location of Storm's End
Elenei protects Durran as Storm's End is constructed.
Art by Roman Papsuev
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Storm's End is the seat of House Baratheon along Shipbreaker Bay in the stormlands. One of the strongest castles in the Seven Kingdoms, it was once the ancestral seat of the Storm Kings of House Durrandon extending back many thousands of years. The castle is said to be protected by spells woven into its very walls that prevent magic from affecting it or passing through it. It was also known as Durran's Defiance.[1]


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Storm's End is surrounded by a massive outer curtain wall, one hundred feet high and forty feet thick on its thinnest side and nearly eighty feet thick on its seaward side. It is composed of a double course of stones with an inner core of sand and rubble. The wall is smooth and curving, the stones so well placed and so perfectly together that the wind can find no purchase. On the seaward side, there is a 150-foot drop below the wall into the sea.[2]

The castle itself consists of one huge drum tower crowned with formidable battlements, so that from a distance enemies can see what appears to be a single huge, spiked fist thrusting towards the sky in defiance. The tower is so large that it comfortably contains the granary, barracks, armoury, feast hall and lord's chambers all at once.[2] It is said that there are spells woven into the stonework.[3] The seaward side of the castle stands upon a high white cliffs overlooking the sea, and there is a barred, watery passage through a cavern that leads beneath the castle.


The mighty fortress called Storm's End has stood for centuries, facing the terrible weather of Shipbreaker Bay with little wear to show for it. Legend claims that it was built by Durran, the first Storm King during the Dawn Age, who declared a war against the gods after they killed his family and guests, ruining his wedding to their daughter Elenei. It was said that he raised six each larger and more formidable until he raised Storm's End. Some believe this was because the children of the forest took a hand in its construction, using their magics in the raising the castle walls allowing it to resist the storms. Others believe that a young boy who grew up to be Bran the Builder advised Durran on its construction. The truth of the matter is unknown.[2]

Archmaester Vyron in his Triumphs and Defeats speculates that the claim of the tale of Storm's End that the final form of the castle was the seventh shows a clear Andal influence and suggests the possibility that the final form of the castle was achieved in Andal times.[4]

Storm's End has proven to be an exceptionally formidable fortress. In its long history it has never fallen to either siege or storm. The castle has endured several sieges and battles in recent history. The last Storm King, Argilac the Arrogant, abandoned his impressive defenses to meet Orys Baratheon in open battle during Aegon I Targaryen's War of Conquest, and suffered accordingly. During the War of the Usurper, Storm's End was besieged for a year by the host of Mace Tyrell, who commanded the landward forces, whilst Paxter Redwyne's fleet of the Arbor kept the castle cut off by sea. However, Stannis Baratheon, commanding the defense, refused to yield and his men were reduced to eating rats. A smuggler named Davos Seaworth ran the blockade and resupplied the castle, allowing the garrison to outlast the siege.

After Robert Baratheon became king, he gave the castle to his youngest brother, Renly, and moved Stannis to the much poorer Dragonstone, which led to many years of bitterness on Stannis's part. When Renly was away at court fulfilling his duties as master of laws, the castle was ruled by Ser Cortnay Penrose.

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Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

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During the War of the Five Kings, the many castles sworn to Storm's End help Renly field a sizable force to support his claim on the Iron Throne. Following Renly's death, the castellan Ser Cortnay Penrose refuses to yield, believing that Edric Storm, fostered at Storm's End, would be harmed. Melisandre gives birth to a shadow that assassinates Penrose, but first she has Davos Seaworth smuggle her through the castle walls so that the spells of the castle do not ward out her magic.[5] Soon after Penrose's death, his lieutenant Lord Elwood Meadows surrenders the castle to Stannis's forces. Stannis names Ser Gilbert Farring as the new castellan, with Meadows as his second-in-command and Stannis' uncle, Ser Lomas Estermont. Before leaving for King's Landing, Stannis burns the godswood as an offering to the Lord of the Light.[6]

A Feast for Crows

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Later in the war, the castle is besieged by a strong army under Mace Tyrell, but he only has the castle under siege for a few weeks before he abandons the siege to return to King's Landing after the arrest of his daughter Margaery by the Faith. Mace leaves a token force with Lord Mathis Rowan to continue the siege but the castle continues to support Stannis's claim to the throne.

A Dance with Dragons

The Golden Company plans to take Storm's End as a base of operation. Aegon Targaryen plans to lead the assault.

Chapters that take place at Storm's End


This Storm's End is an old place. There are spells woven into the stones. Dark walls that no shadow can pass – ancient, forgotten, yet still in place.[3]
Melisandre, to Davos Seaworth

Stannis: I give you fair warning. If you force me to take my castle by storm, you may expect no mercy. I will hang you for traitors, every one of you.

Cortnay: Bring on your storm, my lord, and recall, if you do, the name of this castle.[5]

Stannis Baratheon and Cortnay Penrose

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