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Order of builders
Nights Watch Builders.jpg
Builders maintaining the Wall (from Game of Thrones Blu-ray)
Type Order
Region Gift, Wall
Allegiance Night's Watch
Current Leader Othell Yarwyck
Founded Age of Heroes

The order of builders is one of the three orders that comprise the Night's Watch, alongside the rangers and the stewards. The builders' main duty is to tend to and maintain the Wall and the castles of the Night's Watch.[1] A senior member, known as the First Builder, leads the order.[2]


The order of builders carries out duties that are centered around tending to and maintaining the Wall and the castles built against the Wall.[1]

Once, the builders of the Night's Watch, obtained large blocks of ice from lakes in the haunted forest, north of the Wall, which they dragged south in order to make the Wall even higher.[3] Their tasks now include looking for cracks in the Wall, signs that the Wall is melting, or other structural problems, and making whatever repairs they possibly can.[3][4] When patrolling the Wall during their check-ups, they ride mules.[5]

The builders provide masons, carpenters, miners, and woodsmen to their fellow brothers. They repair the keeps and towers of the Night's Watch, dig tunnels and crush stone for the roads and footpaths on top of the Wall, and clear away the parts of the forest that presses too close to the Wall on its northern side.[3]

Although making war upon the wildlings is not among the tasks of the builders, they are trained in arms, as the first duty of all the brothers of the Night's Watch is to defend the Wall.[6]

Recent Events

A Clash of Kings

A builder maintains the Wall, by Victor Garcia © Fantasy Flight Games

During the great ranging, several builders accompany the rangers led by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont. A score of builders is set to clearing brush, digging latrines, and untying the bundles of fire-hardened stakes upon the arrival at the Fist of the First Men.[7]

A Storm of Swords

With Lord Commander Mormont leading two hundred brothers north of the Wall, most of the four hundred men who remain at Castle Black are builders and stewards.[8]

Most of the four hundred men who remained at Castle Black when Lord Commander Jeor Mormont led two hundred brothers out for the great ranging are builders and stewards.[8]

When the free folk army of Mance Rayder attack the Wall, several of the builders argue that the ice and broken beams, the result of the attack carried out by a hundred Thenns and some raiders, should be left to block the inner gate, as they believe it can serve as an obstacle for Mance.[9]

A Feast for Crows

The new lord commander, Jon Snow, has the builders working hard to repair the staircase leading up to the top of the Wall.[10]

A Dance with Dragons

Most of the builders at Castle Black agree with Bowen Marsh to close the gates and seal them up with stone and ice.[11]

Lord Commander Snow offers to lend builders to Stannis Baratheon to restore the Nightfort, once the stair to the top of the Wall is done.[12] The First Builder, Othell Yarwyck, eventually leads builders off to the Nightfort, and attempts to restore it.[13] While they are able to restore most of the keep and place a new roof over the kitchens,[14] most of it still remains in ruins.[15] According to Othell, restorations could be done much faster if there were more builders available.[14]

Known Builders

Current Builders