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Allegiance House Bolton

Played by Noah Taylor
TV series Season 3 | Season 4
For the noble house, see House Locke.

Locke is a a bannerman of Roose Bolton and is Roose's best hunter. His character was created specifically for the TV series Game of Thrones in which he is played by Noah Taylor. Locke replaces the character Vargo Hoat from the books. When the producers eliminated Vargo's lisping and sobering as being too over the top, George R. R. Martin requested the character's name be changed as he had become too different from Vargo Hoat. He may be a member of House Locke.

Game of Thrones

Locke is dispatched by Roose Bolton to hunt down Jaime Lannister. He and his men soon track down the Kingslayer with his escort, Brienne of Tarth, and take them into custody.[1]

On route to Harrenhal Locke and his men attempt to rape Brienne, but are persuaded otherwise by Jaime, who lies, convincing Locke that Brienne's home of Tarth, known as the "Sapphire Isle", is named such due to an abundance of precious gemstones, and that Selwyn Tarth would richly reward him for returning his only child intact. Emboldened by his success, Jaime attempts to barter for his release by reminding Locke of the wealth and power of his own father, Lord Tywin Lannister. This has an adverse effect, however, and Locke, enraged by Jaime's arrogance and complacency, mutilates him by severing his sword hand.[2]

Locke delivers Jaime and Brienne to Roose Bolton at Harrenhal. Bolton chides Locke for maiming such a valuable hostage.[3]

As Lord Bolton leaves to attend to the wedding of Edmure Tully, Locke receives a raven from Lord Selwyn Tarth offering 300 golden dragons to ransom Brienne, but Locke refuses. As Jaime prepares to leave for King's Landing with Qyburn and Steelshanks Walton, Locke taunts him. Locke puts Brienne inside the Harrenhal bear pit for his amusement and that of his men, giving the warrior woman nothing but a wooden tourney sword to defend herself from the bear. To Locke's frustration, Jaime comes back to rescue Brienne and saves her from the pit with the aid of Steelshanks, who has no choice but to help Jaime to fulfill Lord Bolton's orders.[4]

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