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Ros as portrayed by Esme Bianco in the Tv series

Played by Esmé Bianco
TV series Season 1
Season 2
Season 3

Ros is a prostitute at the winter town outside of Winterfell. She has only appeared in the TV series and is played by Esmé Bianco.[1] Although her character was created specifically for the TV series, she is based in part on a character in A Game of Thrones known as the "red-headed whore". Additionally, some of Chataya and Alayaya's roles have been folded into her character. George R. R. Martin has said he will likely work Ros into the books at some point as a cameo.

Game of Thrones

She has sex with Theon Greyjoy and Tyrion Lannister.[2][3]

Later she moves to King's Landing to work in a whorehouse owned by Littlefinger. At one point she serves Grand Maester Pycelle.

Tyrion sends Ros and another whore to his nephew Joffrey, thinking it will improve Joffrey's mood. The boy instead forces Ros to beat the other girl bloody and return to Tyrion to tell him what she has done.[4]

Cersei, seeking to hurt Tyrion, learns that he has brought a prostitute to court against their father's wishes and grown quite fond of the girl. As with Alayaya in the books, Cersei captures Ros instead of Shae.[5]

In Season 3, Littlefinger sells Ros to King Joffrey in retaliation for Ros spying on Littlefinger for Varys. Joffrey ties Ros to his bedposts and repeatedly shoots her with crossbow bolts until she dies.

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