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Title Maester
Allegiance The Citadel
House Bolton
House Stark

Played by Richard Rycroft
TV series Season 6 | Season 7 | Season 8

Wolkan is a maester serving House Bolton of the Dreadfort. His character was created specifically for the television adaptation Game of Thrones in which he is played by Richard Rycroft.

Game of Thrones

Season Six

When Myranda's body is found, Ramsay Bolton pays his respects to her corpse. He remembers how they met when she was only eleven and that from the very start she never showed fear towards him. He ends his eulogy with a promise of revenge and then casually tells Maester Wolkan to feed her body to the dogs, so as not to waste her flesh.

Wolkan informs Lord Roose Bolton that his wife, Lady Walda Frey, has given birth to a healthy son. Ramsay murders Roose in front of Wolkan, who is shocked and horrified. Ramsay then orders Wolkan to send ravens informing the North that Roose was poisoned by his enemies and to summon Walda and the babe. Wolkan obeys out of fear.

Season Seven

Since the fall of House Bolton, Wolkan now serves as maester for House Stark under the leadership of Jon Snow and Sansa Stark.

Season Eight

Wolkan crowns Sansa as Queen in the North following the third northern secession.