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The Ifequevron, or woods walkers, are a vanished race who once inhabited the dense forests of northern Essos. "Ifequevron" is their name in the Dothraki language, and means "those who walk in the woods" according to the account of the merchant-adventurer Bryan of Oldtown.[1]


The woods walkers were a small, shy, and gentle folk.[1] Many maesters believe the Ifequevron were kin to the children of the forest of Westeros.[2]

Bryan of Oldtown encountered Ibbenese who said they had never seen any woods walkers, but claimed that they blessed households that left overnight offerings of leaf, stone, and water.[1]


Some believe the Ifequevron were extinguished by the Ibbenese, when they conquered a large swath of the territory directly south of the island of Ib. Others believe the Ifequevron went into hiding or fled to other lands.[1]

While the Ifequevron still lived in the northern forests, the Dothraki shunned those lands, either out of reverence for the woods walkers or for fear of their powers. However, after they vanished, the Dothraki began to attack the Ibbenese territories.[1]

The Dothraki still refer to the great forest along the northern coast of central Essos as the Kingdom of the Ifequevron.[1] The Ifequevron left behind one settlement in the forest, now called by the Dothraki Vaes Leisi, or "City of Ghosts".[3] Corlys Velaryon, the first Westerosi to visit the Kingdom of the Ifequevron, wrote of carved trees, haunted grottoes, and strange silences.[1]


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