Robar Baratheon

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Robar Baratheon
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Title Lord of Storm's End
Lord Paramount of the Stormlands
Protector of the Realm
Hand of the King
Allegiance House Baratheon
Culture Stormlands
Spouse Lady Alyssa Velaryon
Book(s) The World of Ice and Fire (mentioned)

Robar Baratheon was Lord of Storm's End and head of House Baratheon. He was Lord Orys Baratheon’s grandson.


Lord Robar was the first great lord to openly proclaim for Prince Jaehaerys against his uncle, Maegor the Cruel. For his loyalty and courage, he was named Protector of the Realm and Hand of the King following Maegor’s strange death upon the Iron Throne.

During the remainder of King Jaehaerys’ minority, Lord Robar shared the rule of the realm with the king’s mother, the Dowager Queen Alyssa Velaryon. Half a year after Jaehaerys came to rule on his own, Robar and Alyssa were wed. Their marriage would yield two children: Boremund and Jocelyn.[1][2]


Argella Durrandon
Unknown Lord
Alyssa Velaryon
Aemon Targaryen
Rhaenys Targaryen
4 Daughters

References and Notes

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  3. It is currently unknown which "Lord Baratheon" Raymont's father is; either Lord Orys, making Raymont a brother of Davos, or Orys' son, making Raymont a brother of Robar

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